To fulfill its primary purpose, a sewer district has three primary goals:

  1. Provide sewer service to all property owners within the District from initial collection through treatment and final discharge while maintaining regulatory compliance;
  2. Provide an equitable rate structure for all property owners within the District’s boundaries; and
  3. Maintain long-term fiscal solvency and health of District through established rates and best management practices.

The Niland Sanitary District has been unable to maintain equitable rates and state regulatory compliance.  The Niland Sanitary District is also fiscally insolvent.

As a result of the actions of both the Niland Sanitary District Board and the property owners in Niland, the Local Area Formation Commission, also known as LAFCO, has determined that the Niland Sanitary District will be dissolved.

The community of Niland needs a new operational sewer system, which includes replacing the inadequate wastewater treatment plant. The County of Imperial has stepped in to help the residents of Niland make an informed decision on potential solutions to resolve these problems.

Niland Sewer District boundaries
Niland Sewer District boundaries

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