As part of the new sewer rate study, the County of Imperial recently completed an assessment of how many properties are currently served in Niland.  Below is a map and user classification list where you can view how many Equivalent Dwelling Units (EDUs) have been identified.  EDU is a term used to describe the amount of sewer demand created by the occupants of a property.  In the map below, the EDU identified per property is shown in green. Sewer rates are based on the number of EDUs identified for each property.  Generally, a single-family residence is assigned one (1) EDU, but if the property owner has built or installed separate residences on the same property, then that property owner would have additional EDUs.  The more EDUs a property has, the higher the sewer charge will be for the property.

As a resident of Niland, please take the time to review the map or list to see how many EDUs have been identified for your property.  If you think there is an error in the number of EDUs identified on your property, contact the Imperial County Department of Public Works Director, John Gay, at (442) 265-1818 or complete the Parcel Assessment Dispute From below by February 17, 2018.

Niland Sewer District Assessment Map (PDF)

Niland Sewer District User Classification (PDF)

Parcel Assessment Dispute Form

You can find the APN number to your property by looking at the Niland Sewer District Assessment Map or the Niland Sewer District User Classification. You can find both these documents under the Sewer Assessment section of this website. / Puede encontrar el número de APN en su propiedad consultando el Mapa de evaluación del distrito de Niland Sewer o la Clasificación de usuarios del distrito de Niland Sewer. Puede encontrar ambos documentos en la sección "Sewer Assessment" de este sitio web.
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